Bigg Boss 11 – Shilpa’s fans go overboard again making a false claim on Hina Khan?

Twitter is a funny place, a platform for the latest updates around the world has turned into a battleground where the fans are at constant war with each other & with the current season of Bigg Boss on, Twitter has become everyone’s go-to place for all the interesting gossip & details.

With Hina, Vikas, Shilpa & Puneesh as the top 4 finalists of the show, the game only gets tougher & the fans going out of their way to make their favorite contestants win.
This time Shilpa fans went overboard making a false claim that Hina used the word ‘Call Girl’ to address Shilpa whereas twitterati that has been supporting Hina Khan are putting their foot down with their claim that she said ‘Chawl Girl’ & also that is nothing compared to Shilpa calling ‘Chudail’ on national television a day before.
Social media went in a frenzy after a miscreant put out a video where Hina’s words are muted & started spreading a rumor to get more people against her.
Some section of twitter believes she said Call Girl while the majority believe the lip reading was done with a purpose to contaminate the actor’s reputation.
One of the interns in the edit team on the condition of anonymity laughed it off & made a point, ‘Is this the first time in an uncut video the audio has been muted? NO! You pick any video, it is just a technical glitch & the more you put your head in it, you’ll come up with assuming more curse words that she could have said. Give the contestants some break.’