Bharat Shah..Maharashtra CM and Robby Wells USA Democratic Presedential Candidate for 2020 elections at Jain International Organisation Event


The Jain Guru, Pujya Guruji Shree Naypadmasagarji Maharaj Sahebji, the foremost monk of the Jain community who had initiated a worldwide search for the top members from within the Jain community to come forward and form the Jain International Organisation (JIO), has called for all of these top members to come together to be formally instituted as the organisation’s Directors in various capacities.

The formal Oath-taking has been finalised to be organised on Oct. 8th, 2017 at the Shanmukhananda Hall, Sion, at 9:30 A.M., in the august presence of the Chief Minister of the state along with a slew of other well-known dignitaries.
Amongst the dignitaries who will also be present and who is likely to announce a major decision, is none other than Robby Wells, the U.S. Democratic Presidential candidate for the 2020 elections. Wells is a known campaigner for world peace and he looks forward to his first-ever India-visit which has been at the behest of this trend-setting Jain monk. We have seen that the previous U.S. President, Barack Obama had abolished killing of animals for human consumption and has been an ardent supporter of vegetarianism in a meat-consuming society like the United States.
With Lord Mahavira as the guiding force behind such accomplishments of this tiny religious order, such major positive changes in human behaviour is bound to happen going forward at a time when this world needs non-violence ever more than before.

Guruji Naypadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb Ji, who walks barefoot and does not avail of motorised, nor any other mode of transport for his regular travelling in order to meet devotees and followers in their thousands in the various Jinalayas (Jain Mandirs), has walked barefoot and covered more than 80,000 kilometres, covering the whole of India as well as Nepal a few years back. His vision is to spread the message of non-violence, ecological balance and worldwide brotherhood in order to make this world a better place and Jainism has the tenets in its holy books to secure such lofty ideals through the actions on Ground Zero by the followers of this peaceful religion.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis, will be formally inaugurating this Oath-taking Ceremony and putting-up a speech at this event, which will be presided over by none other than Guruji Naypadmasagarji Maharaj Saheb Ji himself.