Ashima Ahmad who plays the role of Pragya in Dipti Kalwani’s (Sunny Side Up) and Teenna Swayyam & Sushant Kumar’s (Hum Tum Telefilms) Badho Bahu opens up about her role and more.


What feedback are you getting for the role of Pragya?
> Very positive and people are appreciating my role a lot because of the Haryanvi language I speak. They are praising it and my fans call me Pragya instead of my real name!

How much do you relate to the character?
> I actually don’t belong to Haryana but being Pragya is quite relatable because Pragya also wants to do something big and also wants to leave her house. She likes fashion and glamour, so do I and that relates to me.

With whom do you bond the most on the set?
> Well I spend most of the time with Rytasha (Badho) and Arsha Goswami (Bharpayi). When we get a break, we eat together, stay together and chill together. Arsha is a very cute girl and I call her Alia Bhatt. I care a lot for her. Rytasha is damn cool and informative girl I have ever met so we discuss and gossip all the time.
How is it working with producers Dipti Kalwani, Sushant Kumar and Teenna Swayyam?
• They are very good, especially Dipti Ma’am, she’s so kind n cool and I really admire her. They help us a lot in performing very well on the screen and that is necessary. Sushant Kumar and Teena Swayyam are also positive people.

Are you satisfied with your career? What kind of role would you want to do in the future?
> Yes I am very satisfied because this is what I wanted and I achieved it by doing a lot of hard work. I would love to do any challenging role that comes my way.
Who is your favourite Bollywood actor or actress? And why?
> I follow Kareen Kapoor so much since her Bollywood debut she became my favourite. I love her! I also like Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

What are the pros and cons of doing a hit daily soap?

> Well there’s both because when you are doing a really hit daily soap which is giving you the desired  fame and respect you get confused as to what to prefer the most the pros or the cons.  You start living a life of what you are in reel life, not in real life and this actually affects your mind and life which makes you so confused. You hardly get time for yourself and your loved ones. But I would say this is the life that I chose and I am not regretting it at all. I am getting love from my fans and family. I wish all of their blessings be with me always. I have attitude of gratitude for everyone.